Alex dela Torre

3D Visualization Artist






Alex Dela Torre                                                                                                                      






Academy of Art University

San Francisco, CA 

Master's Degree, 3d Computer Modeling/Texturing/Rendering 



University of Oregon

Eugene, OR 

Bachelor of Science/Multimedia 



Western Oregon University

Monmouth, OR 

Graphic Design/Multimedia Studies 



RH, Restoration Hardware

Sept 2019– Current      

Corte Madera, CA  

3D Visualization Specialist 

Bed Bath and Beyond

Mar 2016 – Feb 2020      

San Francisco, CA  

Head of 3D Design 


  • Oversee the 3D asset creation process and project development 

  • Manage project progress and on-time deliveries 

  • Establish, develop, and adjust production workflows and pipelines 

  • Creation of high resolution 3d models, textures, shading/material look, and lighting set-up 

  • 3d scene assembly, furniture layout of interior spaces and architectural design 

  • Photo realistic rendering (Multi-Pass render elements) of interior spaces, consumer/commercial products, architectural structures and furniture using GPU and CPU based rendering engines/systems 

  • Post processing/Retouching and color management/color correction 

  • Provide training materials, documents, and skill development materials for 3d artists 

  • Provide artistic/creative ideas and technical information/solutions for ongoing software and tool development – App development for home design, 3D renderings, and VR platform 

  • Manage and assist current render farm system 

  • Work with interior designers to provide project's creative and technical solutions 

  • Provide marketing and advertising materials/visuals for business relations 




Dec 2015 – Mar 2016        

San Francisco, CA  

3d Senior Artist  


  • High resolution 3d modeling of consumer/furniture products and interior spaces/designs 

  • High volume scene assembly/layout 

  • Setting up lights, creation of shading networks, and rendering  

  • Provide data of 3d graphics processes  

  • Photorealistic rendering using Vray and Iray 

  • Render farm management 

  • Simple Color correction  

  • Develop production workflows, provide artistic/creative ideas/materials for software development 




Outward Inc.  

Jan 2013 – Dec 2015        

San Jose, CA  

3D Dept Supervisor/Lead Senior 3D Artist 


  • Oversee/Manage the creation of 3d production assets and workflows 

  • Provide reports of 3d graphics department work progress and status 

  • High resolution 3d modeling – from 3d Scans and photo references -  of interior environment, furniture, household accessories and retail/consumer products 

  • Realistic lighting setups, Shading, UV generations, and Texturing 

  • Rendering using unbiased GPU based rendering engines (Vray, Iray, Octane, Cycles) 

  • Compositing/Retouching of Photorealistic images – combining different render passes  

  • Manage GPU based render farm system 

  • Layout Interior design/create Planograms 

  • Create Flythrough and Walkthrough video animations 

  • Provide artistic/creative ideas/materials for software development   



Pacific Digital Image 

Mar 2009 – May 2013 

San Francisco, CA 

Senior 3d Artist 


  • High resolution 3d modeling of commercial products 

  • Setting up lights, creation of shading networks, rendering Layers, and render farm management 

  • Photorealistic rendering using GPU and CPU based rendering engines/systems 

  • Compositing of different rendered images for product animation, turn arounds, and digital prints 

  • Converting CAD files/Scanned data to obj formats 

  • Retouching/color correction using Photoshop/After effects

  • Conceptualize/Visualization of product layout/design and animation 




Battery Acid Games   

Apr 2011 – Apr 2013  

San Diego, CA  

Freelance 3d Game Artist 


  • Create/Manage 3d game assets for mobile platform and web 

  • Low Resolution 3d modeling of environments, props and characters for real time game play 

  • UV layout and stylized texturing with optimization requirements 

  • Texture baking of lighting information of static objects 

  • Scene assembly of different objects, props, and buildings in the environment 

  • Creation of 2d images for user interface and marketing purposes 

  • Conceptualize/Illustration of game design and layout 



Digital Chocolates

Sept 2008 – Apr 2009     

San Mateo, CA 

3d Game Artist 


  • 3d modeling of game assets for social networking, casual games and iPhone platform  

  • UV layout and creation of shading network  

  • Texturing of 3d models optimized for isometric view resolution  

  • Setting up lights and rendering images to use for game editor 

  • Converting CAD files/Scanned data to obj formats 

  • Conceptualize of game design and layout 




  Skills:            Highly Proficient with the following programs and software 


  • Maya  

  • 3d Studio Max 

  • Blender  

  • Mudbox  

  • Zbrush  

  • Photoshop  

  • Substance Painter and Substance Designer 

  • After Effects  

  • V-Ray, Arnold, Iray, Octane, Cycles, Renderman

  • Basic Unity and Unreal skills 

  • Highly detail oriented and excellent eye for color, lighting, form and design